We Are The "Chimney Leak Experts" 
Remember Chimney leaks cause "DANGEROUS MOLD"

Leaks .... Leaks .... and more Dangerous Leaks!!!!!  A Chimney Leak is the most frustrating & destructive problem chimney repair home owners encounter. Chimneys can leak at several different areas including the chimney crown, chimney cap, chimney roof flashing, corbelling, chase cover and can even soak water into the chimney by porous bricks. Many times roofers blame leaks on the chimney and the handy-man blame leaks on leaking roofs.  The truth is that each case may have different reasons why the chimney leaks and it literally take years of experience to know what causes these leaks. BUT REMEMBER...... Don't let a leak go on without getting it fixed or you are asking for trouble, and the trouble is MOLD!!! Make sure you get it fixed by a professional. That is why the chimney repair business is a specialized profession. The more experience you have with chimneys, the more likely you can correctly diagnose the proper chimney repair.  If you have a chimney leak or your chimney is in need of repair, call the chimney experts at All American. Nobody Does it Better!

Homeowners are unaware that chimneys are an integral part of a home heating system and that they require regular evaluation and maintenance. In a great many European countries - including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany - chimney-fire damage statistics have been reduced to negligible numbers because national coalitions of government, insurance companies, fire and building officials, and chimney sweeps have developed tough regulations MANDATING regularly scheduled chimney inspections and cleaning.

The citizens of those countries understand the hazards of unmaintained chimneys, and their chimney sweeps are regular members of their home safety team.

Most homeowners in the U.S. and Canada, however, seem to have little working knowledge of chimney and venting systems. This situation is complicated by the fact that faults, damage and problems are rarely visible to the casual observer. In fact, people who will quickly replace a faulty automobile exhaust system because of the hazard it presents will allow their home's exhaust system the chimney or vent - to go unchecked and unmaintained for years. The threat of chimney fires and unsafe indoor air quality conditions can be greatly reduced, perhaps even eliminated, if homeowners only understood that chimneys are active home operation systems which require regular maintenance

The Chimney Sweep's Role
The primary job of a chimney service professional is to aid in the prevention of fires related to, gas, oil and fireplace systems and the chimneys that serve them.

Chimney sweeps install, clean and maintain these systems, evaluate their performance, prescribe changes to improve their performance, and educate the consumer about their safe and efficient operation. The basic task of a chimney sweep is to clean chimneys. Cleaning means removing the hazard of accumulated and highly combustible materials.

It means eliminating the build-up of soot in coal-and oil-fired systems, it means getting rid of bird and animal nests, leaves and other debris that may create a hazard by blocking the flow of emissions from a home heating appliance. In doing their primary job, sweeps also function as on-the-job fire prevention specialists. They are constantly on the lookout for unsafe conditions that can cause home fires or threaten residents with dangerous or unhealthy indoor air quality.

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